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32-year-old Paul Digiacinto shot and killed his girlfriend Kyla Arce in Coral Springs home

The girlfriend was killed but the father wasn’t hit by the gunfire, police said.



On Monday, a tragic incident unfolded in a Coral Springs residence on Northwest 21st Street near 107th Way.

According to Coral Springs Police, a 32-year-old man named Paul Digiacinto allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, as well as attempted to harm his father.

The authorities have charged Digiacinto with premeditated murder, attempted murder, and resisting arrest with violence in connection with the event, which has been characterized as a domestic shooting.

While the police have not disclosed the identity of the girlfriend, neighbors have identified her as Kyla Arce.

As stated in the arrest report, Digiacinto and his girlfriend had been residing with his parents for approximately a month. This arrangement stemmed from Digiacinto’s apprehension that individuals were attempting to break into his residence in Pompano Beach, leading him to feel unsafe there.

On the evening of the incident, Digiacinto’s parents observed that he seemed to be under the influence of something, displaying signs of paranoia and a belief that he was being followed.

The report noted that Digiacinto had exhibited unusual behavior over the past few days, including a lack of sleep and appetite, and a persistent fear of perceived threats against him. He was observed pacing around the residence in an odd manner and even removing the thermostat from the wall.

At a certain point, Digiacinto attempted to dispose of their cellphones in a toilet. Subsequently, he entered the living room unclothed, brandishing a firearm, and allegedly discharged it, resulting in the tragic demise of his girlfriend.

Fortunately, the father managed to evade the gunfire unharmed, according to the police. The father recounted engaging in a struggle with Digiacinto, eventually wresting the gun from his grasp and discharging the remaining rounds to prevent any further harm, as detailed in the report.

Digiacinto made efforts to silence his father by using a sock and a rag, even attempting to force his fingers into the father’s mouth. Subsequently, the father chose to cease resistance and feigned death, according to the report.

The father recounted how Digiacinto attempted to suffocate him by placing a pillow over his face, all the while professing “I love you dad.” This act was accompanied by forceful pressure from Digiacinto.

The report stated that Digiacinto raised the father’s arm and released it, and the father, feigning unconsciousness, allowed his arm to drop, prompting Digiacinto to move away.

According to the report, multiple 911 calls reporting gunshots emanating from the residence prompted officers to respond to the neighborhood.

Residents in the vicinity reported witnessing SWAT officers forcibly entering the residence through the front window.

They also overheard law enforcement instructing Digiacinto to exit through the front door. After a short altercation, police managed to apprehend him. As of now, Digiacinto has not yet been processed into the jail system. Authorities stated that he is currently hospitalized.

Meanwhile, his father, who suffered from numerous rib fractures and significant internal damage to his throat, was also hospitalized, as detailed in the report.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.