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Northside High School in Lafayette on lockdown after shooting near campus

Lafayette Police confirm they have a large police presence around Northside High School.



Witnesses have observed a significant police presence in the vicinity of Moss Street near Northside High School in Lafayette.

This has raised concerns among residents, with one person likening the scene to an assembly of “every cop in the city” near the school.

Another observer described a rapid succession of events, mentioning that “six more cop cars flew by him.” In a potentially linked development, David Thibodeaux STEM Academy, located nearby, is presently under a shelter-in-place directive. The precise details leading to these occurrences are presently uncertain.

We contacted Sergeant Robin Green, the Public Information Officer for the Lafayette Police Department. She verified a shooting incident “in the vicinity” and stated that “Northside High School is presently under lockdown.”

However, she noted that she is awaiting more comprehensive information before issuing an official statement.

The specifics regarding the heightened police presence are not yet clear. It is recommended that residents avoid the area until additional information is provided.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.