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NFL Player Xavien Howard accused of having 4 women pregnant at the same time

She asserts that she is carrying the NFL player’s child and claims that she has been subjected to harassment by him.



Xavien Howard, an NFL player, is currently facing a complicated situation.

There are speculations online suggesting that his ex-girlfriend is making allegations that the NFL player is anticipating children with four separate women.

This woman, identified as Tai from Miami, states that she is pregnant with the NFL player’s child and maintains that she has been a victim of harassment by him. In reaction, Tai used Instagram to openly discuss the matter.

She started by implying that the NFL player has a noticeable tendency to father children, saying, “We need to talk about this because it’s clear that this man has a pattern of having children. And now, I’m being contacted by his other baby mothers.”

The model then shared their history, saying, “After being intimate with Xavien a few times, I found out I was pregnant. He told me he wanted a child with me.

Even though I initially decided to take a Plan B, it didn’t work, and I was in my ovulation period. At first, he was upset, but we met at his house in the first week of September.

When he asked about financial support during my pregnancy and I gave him an answer, he got annoyed and stopped talking to me,” she explained.

“He attempted to offer me financial compensation to terminate my pregnancy. Based on the screenshot he shared with his other child’s mother, it appears he wants her to do the same.

He’s frustrated that he can’t simply solve this with money. Tai ended her statement with a warning, advising other women to be cautious with Xavien Howard, highlighting his apparent lack of consideration for those he enters into romantic relationships with. She advised women who might be expecting his child not to reach out to her, emphasizing her lack of a relationship with the NFL player.

Xavien Howard secured a significant 5-year, $90,000,000 contract with the Miami Dolphins, which includes a $13,770,000 signing bonus, $36,300,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $18,000,000.”