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Two adults, a child and an infant found dead inside a home in Wallingford

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz revealed that an 11-year-old child made a distressing 911 call.



On Saturday morning in Seattle, a residence in Wallingford was discovered in flames, and tragically, the authorities found two adults, a child, and an infant deceased inside.

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz revealed that an 11-year-old child made a distressing 911 call, reporting the sighting of a deceased individual within their residence located on the 1000 block of North 48th Street.

Initial information suggests that the child managed to escape the house fire by exiting through a window and seeking refuge in a neighboring home.

Officers and firefighters swiftly responded, arriving at the scene mere minutes after the incident was reported. Upon arrival, they encountered a barricaded front door and a fire engulfing the front of the residence, as detailed by Diaz.

Firefighters dedicated approximately 45 minutes to combat the blaze and took measures to prevent adjacent homes from catching fire, as outlined by Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins.

The residence sustained substantial charring, and once the fire was successfully extinguished, responders were able to gain access. Inside the house, they discovered the lifeless bodies of four individuals, in addition to a deceased dog.

Both chiefs refrained from making any assertions about whether the fire was deliberately ignited, and they also avoided making conjectures about the circumstances leading to the fatalities.

Arson and bomb investigators were dispatched to the location, as mentioned.

Diaz disclosed that law enforcement investigators are in communication with the surviving 11-year-old to reconstruct the events and to arrange for necessary services and care for the child.