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35-year-old Chris Moore shot and killed by 15-year-old Sunshine James at the Essex Pointe Apartments in Escambia County

15-year-old Sunshine James is charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of her mother’s fiancé this morning in Escambia County.



The 15-year-old girl accused of fatally shooting her mother’s fiancé Chris Moore on Wednesday morning in Escambia County is facing charges of first-degree murder.

The sheriff has identified the teenager as Sunshine Grace James.

Additionally, she has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at her mother.

The incident occurred at approximately 7 a.m. at the Essex Pointe Apartments on E Johnson Ave while the mother and her fiancé were in bed.

According to Sheriff Chip Simmons, speaking to FOX3 News on Wednesday afternoon, the investigation indicates that the morning at the household began as relatively normal and even friendly.

However, suddenly, Sunshine Grace James allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired shots at her mother and her mother’s fiancé. The mother narrowly escaped being hit, while the fiancé was struck by the gunfire.

The 35-year-old Chris, who was the mother’s fiancé, succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

The mother sustained minor injuries from bullets grazing her head. Sheriff Simmons explained that, according to the mother’s account, there had been no argument or disturbance prior to the incident.

Sunshine Grace James allegedly pulled out a handgun and began shooting at them while they were in bed.

According to Sheriff Simmons, James left the scene after the shooting in her parents’ car and drove to her boyfriend’s residence.

Escambia County deputies subsequently located her on Rio Grande Circle in the 1200-block and apprehended her.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.