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Active shooter alert from Albany State University(ASU) – Suspect armed with AR-15 rifle reported West Campus dorms

Turn off all lights and maintain silence.



ASU Rams Alert – This is an urgent emergency notification from Albany State University!

A potentially dangerous individual, possibly armed, has been reported near the West Campus dormitories, Village South, and West Commons.

If you are in the vicinity of the reported area, immediately secure yourself and others by locking and barricading yourselves in a room if possible.

If unable to secure yourself indoors, evacuate the area and relocate to a safe location without delay. Law enforcement is en route to the reported location of the individual.

Turn off all lights and maintain silence. Stay composed and await further instructions from the Police Department or authorized personnel.

The suspect is believed to be armed with an AR-15 rifle.

If it is safe to do so, contact the University Police with any specific information about the suspect or if medical assistance is needed. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.