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Footage Reveals Suspects Shooting and Killing Individuals Inside Crocus City Hall

Reports that more than 300 people are trapped by the fire following the terrоrist attack



Following the shooting, an explosion and subsequent fire occurred at Crocus City Hall. Witnesses observed the assailants igniting the chairs.

Communication networks are disrupted, impeding contact with family members.

Initial accounts indicate casualties could surpass 100, with at least 40 fatalities confirmed.

As reported by Russia’s state RIA Novosti news agency, a faction of armed individuals discharged firearms at a Moscow concert hall on Friday, resulting in multiple injuries.

RIA Novosti reported that a minimum of three individuals clad in military attire discharged firearms.

The state-affiliated Tass news agency corroborated the event, which transpired at Crocus City Hall, a sizable concert venue located on Moscow’s western periphery.

Numerous Russian media outlets covered the occurrence, highlighting the concert hall’s conflagration.

Video clips circulated on messaging applications within Russia showcased extensive plumes of black smoke emanating from the building.