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Suspect in shooting 2 East Lansdowne police officers identified as 44-year-old Canh Le

Officers David Schiazza, aged 54, and John Meehan, aged 44, were shot, and subsequently, the house was set ablaze.



Six relatives are feared dead after a shooting and subsequent house fire in Pennsylvania.

Among those presumed deceased is the suspected shooter, who was reportedly engaged in a dispute with his 13-year-old niece prior to the tragic events. Canh Le, 43, was identified by his mother as the alleged gunman.

Chin Le, the mother of the suspected shooter, informed Channel3 NOW that she overheard her son engaged in an argument with his niece in an upstairs bedroom, during which he mentioned retrieving a firearm.

She expressed uncertainty as to why her son, who had no known history of mental illness, possessed a gun.

Although she stated that her son is deceased, investigators have yet to officially confirm the identities of the deceased individuals.

Chin Le also disclosed that her other son, Xuong Le, along with his wife, Britni Le, and their three children, NaKayla (13), NaTayla (17), and Xavier (10), are also believed to be deceased.

Le mentioned that her husband escorted her out of the residence before gunshots erupted, prompting him to immediately call 911.

The precise number of fatalities resulting from gunshot wounds versus those from the ensuing fire remains unclear, pending autopsy results. Emergency responders have dedicated the day to retrieving the bodies of the family members.

Le emphasized that her family had no history of discord and had peacefully resided in the area since their immigration to the US in 1981. Police were summoned to the scene following reports of a young girl sustaining a gunshot wound in East Lansdowne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, at approximately 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

Upon arriving at the scene, Officers David Schiazza, aged 54, and John Meehan, aged 44, were shot, and subsequently, the house was set ablaze. It is suspected that the shooter fired from the third floor of the residence. Fortunately, both officers are anticipated to recover from their injuries.

Schiazza is scheduled for discharge from Penn Presbyterian Hospital on Thursday afternoon. Meehan, who sustained an arm injury, underwent immediate surgery yesterday and remains hospitalized for ongoing treatment.

Images depict the structure still emitting smoke on Thursday, with firefighters diligently addressing lingering hot spots.

According to reports, approximately 15 minutes after the police arrived, an individual within the house initiated the fire.

Shortly thereafter, flames surged dramatically from the roof before extending to adjacent levels. Firefighters spent several hours containing the inferno, initially impeded from accessing the site due to ongoing gunfire.