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Cindy Morgan cause of death revealed after found dead at home

Cindy’s roommate mentioned that the last time she had seen her alive was on December 19.



Update: The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office informed Channel3 NOW that on December 30, 2023, Cindy’s roommate contacted the police after returning from a holiday trip.

Upon knocking on Cindy’s door at their Lake Worth Beach residence, there was no response. The roommate, detecting a strong odor from inside, promptly called 911.

She mentioned that the last time she had seen Cindy alive was on December 19. Upon entering, law enforcement discovered Cindy deceased in her room, and no foul play is currently suspected. An investigation is currently in progress.

A representative from the county has verified to Channel3 NOW that Cindy passed away due to “natural causes.”

Original Report:

The actress renowned for her part in “Caddyshack” has passed away, as reported by Channel3 NOW. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has affirmed her demise in the region, although no additional information regarding the timing or circumstances of her death is currently available.

It has also been confirmed that her remains are presently at a local funeral home in Florida.

Morgan’s lasting legacy is likely to revolve around her portrayal of Lacey Underall in the iconic 1980 comedy alongside Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Rodney Dangerfield.

In this role, she played the attractive niece of the country club owner, capturing the attention of nearly every male character. Morgan delivered noteworthy performances, particularly in scenes where she stood out as the primary temptress in the film. One memorable moment involved her attempting to seduce Chevy Chase’s character at a party.

While Cindy made a significant impact in “Caddyshack,” her illustrious career included prominent roles in various major films. Notably, she played two significant characters, Lora and Yori, in the film “Tron.” Moreover, she showcased her talent in movies such as “Galaxis,” “Silent Fury,” “Up Yours,” and others. Her television career was equally remarkable, with appearances on popular shows like “The Love Boat,” “CHiPs,” “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” “The Fall Guy,” “Falcon Crest,” “Matlock,” “Hunter,” “The Highwayman,” “Manusco, FBI,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Under Suspicion,” and more.

Cindy’s professional history encompassed 37 acting credits, and there are indications of her continued activity as recently as 2022, where she contributed a voice role to an independent film.

Despite our attempts to contact her representation, we have been unsuccessful in locating someone currently representing her.