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6 people, including 4 children, found dead after shooting at home in Ottawa’s Barrhaven neighborhood

Following the incident, a suspect was swiftly apprehended.



Authorities in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, launched an investigation on Thursday into the deaths of six individuals, including four children and two adults, discovered in a residence in the southern part of the city.

Another individual is hospitalized with serious injuries that are not life-threatening. Police responded to the home in the Barrhaven area around 11 p.m. on Wednesday night.

Following the incident, a suspect was swiftly apprehended, and law enforcement assured the public that there is no ongoing threat to safety.

The cause of the victims’ deaths has not yet been disclosed.

Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs stated to local radio stations that authorities do not suspect the deaths resulted from domestic or intimate partner violence.

Nonetheless, he mentioned that they are also in the process of establishing the connection between the suspect and the victims.

Stubbs described it as an extremely tragic situation.

The identities of the deceased, as well as the age and identity of the hospitalized individual, have not yet been verified.

Law enforcement indicated that investigative teams are still present at the location and urged anyone with information to reach out to the homicide unit.

On Thursday morning, five police cars with visible markings were stationed on the street and in driveways near the home, which occupies a central position among a row of brick townhouses.

Throughout the early morning, several individuals clad in white jumpsuits were observed entering and exiting the residence, while parents and children passed by on foot or bicycle, making their way to a nearby elementary school.

Ahmed Saed, who resides nearby, was seen walking his son to the school, which is approximately a block away from the home, on Thursday.

He expressed disbelief, stating, “This is unimaginable for the entire neighborhood.”

Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe described the news as distressing for all residents of the city, stating, “I was devastated upon hearing about the multiple homicide in Barrhaven, one of the most shocking acts of violence in our city’s history.”

Sutcliffe added, “We take pride in residing in a secure community, but this development is distressing for all Ottawa residents.”

Police stated that a media update would be provided later on Thursday.