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29-year-old Kelsie Barnier murder suspect 33-year-old Albert Alderman killed in officer-involved shooting in Toledo

His live-in girlfriend 29-year-old Kelsie Barnier found dead from strangulation.



Toledo Police will unveil fresh details, including body camera and dash camera footage, regarding Sunday’s fatal police shooting of a murder suspect following a pursuit.

A news conference is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, where Toledo Police Chief Mike Troendle will discuss the incident and release the footage at 3:30 pm.

The shooting occurred after the suspect, accused of murdering a woman earlier on Sunday, led the police on a chase through multiple neighborhoods and allegedly pointed a gun at officers.

Albert Alderman, aged 33, contacted 911 on Sunday at approximately 6:10 a.m., reporting that his live-in girlfriend, Kelsie Barnier, 29, was unresponsive and not breathing at their residence.

When the police arrived, Barnier was already deceased. Initially, detectives, after speaking with Alderman at the house, noted that her body did not exhibit signs of trauma. However, the coroner later determined that she had died from strangulation.

Subsequent to the coroner’s ruling, detectives contacted Alderman, who initially agreed to meet with them. However, later on, he informed them that he had changed his mind, according to the police.

Shortly before 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, officers from the SWAT Team observed him leaving his residence and attempted to intercept him. While on Dorr Street just west of North Byrne, Alderman halted and opened his car door.

Following this, he accelerated on Dorr Street, circled around Sleepy Hollow Park, and returned to Dorr Street, as reported by the officers.

Alderman led the officers on a pursuit to Avondale Avenue, where he decelerated, extended a firearm out of his window, and pointed it at the officers, according to the police. In response, one officer discharged a round from his rifle into the back window of Alderman’s vehicle, according to investigators.

Alderman made a turn onto Secor from Avondale and suddenly halted, exiting his vehicle and pointing his gun at the police, as reported by TPD. In response, four officers discharged their weapons, incapacitating him.

When Alderman attempted to rise and once again aimed his gun at the officers, they fired once more. Alderman succumbed to his injuries at the scene. Following department policy, the officers who discharged their weapons are on paid administrative leave.

Court records indicate that Alderman had a documented history of domestic violence and had been legally instructed to avoid any contact with the victim.