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Hamas cut off the ‘heads’ of 40 Israeli babies found in an Israeli soldiers search operation

In a kibbutz, infants are typically accommodated together in a shared nursery.



Reports indicate that Israeli military forces uncovered around 40 babies who were tragically killed by Palestinian terrorists in a kibbutz in southern Israel after the terrorists were expelled from the area.

Correspondent Nicole Zedeck from i24 News, reporting from Kfar Aza, expressed the profound difficulty in conveying the extent of the tragedy that unfolded here.

Zedeck recounted witnessing “baby cribs cast aside” and “abandoned strollers” in the aftermath of an attack by over 70 terrorists who infiltrated the community on Saturday, resulting in the tragic loss of entire families and the taking of numerous hostages.

In a kibbutz, infants are typically accommodated together in a shared nursery.

The assailants reportedly ignited homes to compel people out of their safe rooms, where they were then subjected to gunfire by the attackers.

IDF Major General Itai Veruv poignantly remarked, “It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. It’s a massacre. You witness the infants, the mother, the father, in their bedrooms, in their places of refuge, and how the terrorists took their lives.” He likened the scene to something one might have heard about from their grandparents, recounting pogroms in Europe and elsewhere.

Photographs have surfaced, revealing cribs and child car seats stained with blood, marking the tragic sites where some of the children met their untimely end.

The wave of terrorist attacks has claimed the lives of over 900 Israelis, leaving another 2,600 wounded. Among the casualties, at least 11 Americans lost their lives, and there are concerns that U.S. citizens may be among those who have been abducted and are currently being held hostage within Gaza.

In a coordinated assault on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, terrorists unleashed a barrage of rockets into Israel early Saturday morning, prompting residents across the country to seek refuge in bomb shelters.

According to Israel’s official statement, terrorists launched a minimum of 4,500 rockets at the nation. Concurrently, the assailants employed drones to deliver explosives onto Israeli defenses along the border, rendering them nonfunctional. Subsequently, terrorists utilized explosives and bulldozers to breach Israel’s border wall.

Over 1,000 terrorists then infiltrated the country via paragliders, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and on foot, scouring neighborhoods in a relentless pursuit of innocent civilians for either slaughter or abduction.