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Missing F-35 fighter jet located in a field in Williamsburg County

The wreckage was found in a field



Sources have verified that ‘Military ground crews have discovered components and fragments linked to the vanished aircraft’ just off Indiantown Road in Florence County.

SCDNR is cordoning off the road at Bartells Crossroads in Williamsburg County. Local residents in the vicinity also informed Channel3 NOW that they heard a low-flying plane followed by a loud noise in the area on Sunday night.

The site where the wreckage and components were discovered is approximately 80 miles away from the point where authorities state the pilot ejected near North Charleston on Sunday.

The pilot was taken to a nearby medical facility and is in stable condition, as confirmed by Joint Base Charleston on Sunday. A spokesperson affirmed that the aircraft was set on autopilot before the pilot’s ejection.

The jet belongs to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron (VMFAT) 501, which is part of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. It was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

Joint Base Charleston announced in a statement that they have deployed a combination of ground and air resources for the search operation. In collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration, and taking into account the aircraft’s final known location on Sunday, the search is primarily concentrated around Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion.

However, according to an insider, the current search area as of Monday morning is in the vicinity of Lake City, situated in Lower Florence County and Williamsburg County.

At the South Lynches Fire Department, military police and a helicopter from the Florence County Sheriff’s Office are stationed, aiding in the search for the lost aircraft.

Joint Base Charleston is in close coordination with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing based at MCAS Cherry Point, Navy Region Southeast, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Civil Air Patrol, and various levels of law enforcement in South Carolina.