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Victims killed in shooting at Montgomery Tienda Los Hermanos identified

The police haven’t identified any suspects or a motive yet.



Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed and acting Montgomery Police Chief John Hall addressed the public Wednesday afternoon regarding the previous night’s deadly triple shooting at a Hispanic-owned grocery store.

The incident occurred Tuesday night at Tienda Los Hermanos on Troy Highway, resulting in the deaths of two family members and a customer.

This has left the community on edge, fearing they are being targeted, and police are working urgently to solve the city’s latest homicides.

At the press conference, Hall identified the three victims: George Elijah Jr., 50, and Daniel Lopez, 20, who died at the scene, and Romero Lopez, 43, who succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

The mayor and acting chief spoke passionately, acknowledging that this incident, along with other business robberies, has specifically targeted Latinos and Hispanics in the city.

They were accompanied by a Spanish interpreter to ensure their message reached native Spanish speakers.

“It’s inexcusable for people to target a group who are trying to improve their lives and those of their families by stealing from them,” said Reed.

“This is something we will not accept or tolerate. We will ensure that what happened last night on Troy Highway does not happen again and that those responsible are held accountable and brought to justice.”

The police haven’t identified any suspects or a motive yet.

This lack of information has left Montgomery’s Hispanic community feeling uneasy, worried that their neighborhoods and businesses are being specifically targeted.