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Google Sunsetting Gmail is a false news



You may have come across an image circulating on X depicting what seems to be an email from Google discussing the “sunsetting” of Gmail in August 2024.

This email is fraudulent, and Gmail is not being discontinued—except for the basic HTML view, which Google is indeed discontinuing this year.

The kernel of truth underlying this specific hoax is that Google declared last year that Gmail’s traditional “HTML View” would be phased out in 2024.

This basic interface, though lacking in features, served as a fallback option for users requiring a simple view of their inbox.

Apart from this minor adjustment, Gmail will remain fully functional for the foreseeable future.

In fact, Google is actively enhancing Gmail by introducing new features and enhancements, such as the recent launch of Gemini for Gmail.

Even more concerning is the possibility that individuals might entertain the idea of Google actually discontinuing Gmail.

While the company has indeed developed a reputation for shuttering underutilized or less successful applications and services over time, Gmail stands as a cornerstone of Google’s offerings. Virtually every Google Account is linked to a Gmail account.

Google is unlikely (and perhaps unable) to sunset Gmail in the near future, regardless of what unsubstantiated claims may circulate online.