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23-year-old Chad Hartley killed in officer-involved shooting in Temple

Chad aimed the gun at an officer and subsequently barricaded himself inside a mobile home.



Update: The deceased male, identified as 23-year-old Chad Hartley of Temple, has been recognized by the Temple Police Department.

Original Report:

An officer-involved shooting is under investigation by Temple police and the Texas Rangers, resulting in the death of the suspect on Tuesday.

The incident unfolded when officers were called to the 900 block of South Ninth Street around 1:15 p.m., responding to a male threatening to commit suicide.

Prior to the arrival of officers, the male departed the residence with a firearm, heading to the 1600 block of Avenue H around 1:30 p.m.

When officers reached the location, the male aimed the gun at an officer and subsequently barricaded himself inside a mobile home.

The officers took precautionary measures, evacuating residents in the vicinity and setting up a perimeter to contain the suspect. Through phone communication, officers attempted negotiations, but the male refused to disarm and leave the residence.

After multiple negotiation attempts, the suspect aimed the gun first at a drone outside the residence, then at an officer through an open window, prompting the officer to discharge a single round.

Upon entering the residence to offer assistance to the 23-year-old male, officers pronounced him dead.

The Temple Police Department enlisted the Texas Rangers to conduct an investigation into the officer-involved shooting that led to the suspect’s death, as stated by authorities.

Following standard protocol, the involved officer has been put on administrative leave with pay. Additionally, an internal affairs investigation has been initiated.

The ongoing investigation is being diligently pursued.