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At least 15 dead, including gunman, and 36 injured in Prague Charles University mass shooting

Preliminary information indicates the presence of both fatalities and injuries at the scene.



Update: A mass shooting at a university in Prague claimed the life of the assailant’s father before he targeted at least 15 other individuals, according to Czech authorities. The gunman has been “eliminated,” and thirty-six others were injured, with nine in serious condition, as reported by Prague’s emergency services.

A university mass shooting in Prague has resulted in at least 11 fatalities, including the gunman, with 24 others injured, according to officials.

The assailant at Charles University in Prague was killed, possibly by falling from the roof, and there are suggestions that this occurred after a self-inflicted gunshot, as stated by the mayor.

The shooting occurred on the fourth floor of the Charles University Faculty of Philosophy building.

In an attempt to evade the gunfire, some students climbed out of windows and perched on the ledge; tragically, one girl couldn’t maintain her grip and fell, becoming the fourth victim of the attack.

Upon the arrival of numerous police cars at the scene, Kozak reportedly took his own life, according to preliminary information.

Prague mayor states the individual responsible for the shooting incident committed suicide. Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs confirms the lone actor, leading to evacuation of the entire university building.

The incident occurred at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts, situated near the Old Town in the Czech capital, a popular tourist destination.

Videos shared on social media depict individuals evacuating the area.

The police have established a perimeter around the building and are advising the public to avoid the vicinity, as stated on social platform X.

Remain in your current location, refrain from moving elsewhere. If you are in the offices, secure them by locking the doors and barricading with furniture. Turn off the lights, as instructed in an email sent to university staff.

Jana Postova, a representative of Prague’s emergency services, confirmed that several individuals sustained injuries but did not provide specific details regarding the exact number.

A police intervention is currently underway, resulting in the complete closure of Náměstí Jan Palach and its surrounding area.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.