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39-year-old Antwawn Shackleford killed in shooting at Dosker Manor apartments in Louisville

LMPD Maj. Shannon Lauder said all parties have been accounted for and a person was detained after the shooting.



The Jefferson County coroner’s office has named the individual who lost their life in a fatal shooting in Louisville’s Phoenix Hill neighborhood on Saturday night.

Antwawn Shackleford, aged 39, was the victim of a shooting at Dosker Manor apartments. According to LMPD, the incident occurred around 8 p.m. in Building A.

Shackleford, discovered by the police with multiple gunshot wounds, succumbed to his injuries at the scene. LMPD Maj.

Shannon Lauder stated that all individuals involved in the incident have been identified, and following the shooting, one person was taken into custody.

Dosker Manor apartments, situated on East Muhammad Ali Boulevard, offer subsidized housing with affordable rents specifically designed for seniors and disabled members of the community.

Inhabitants of Dosker Manor have faced unacceptable living conditions, prompting them to seek assistance from the Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

Despite reports of issues such as bed bugs, mold, mice, maggots, and more within the public housing, residents of Dosker Manor claim that minimal progress has been made.

If you have any information related to the shooting, please contact LMPD’s anonymous tip line at 502-574-5673.