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2 suspects arrested in connection to shooting outside William Carey University’s Hattiesburg campus

No charges have been announced at this time.



On Wednesday morning, the Hattiesburg campus of William Carey University went into lockdown following a shooting incident that occurred outside the campus premises.

The Hattiesburg Police Department reported the apprehension of two suspects linked to the incident, although no charges have been disclosed as of now.

WCU released a statement confirming that the incident prompting the lockdown transpired on a public street in front of a campus building.

According to WCU, the Hattiesburg campus was placed on lockdown, with students, faculty, and staff advised to seek shelter. Dr. Ben Burnett, the university president, stated that the lockdown lasted for approximately an hour.

The Hattiesburg Police Department verified that gunshots were discharged in close proximity to the campus, but they couldn’t confirm if any person was directly targeted. The police department reported no injuries.

Additionally, WCU mentioned that the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department also responded to the incident.

A notification indicating that it’s safe to resume normal activities has been issued to students, and the campus lockdown has been lifted. WCU has implemented extra security measures, which will remain in effect until further notice.

Burnett expressed gratitude for the swift response of the Hattiesburg Police Department.

Further updates will be provided once additional details become available.