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17-year-old Cory James accused of targeting Kwana Bunkley who posted cashing a $7,000 check

Kwana Bunkley, 20, was shot and killed on Saturday in the 17100 block of Cali Drive.



Here’s a first glimpse at the 17-year-old facing charges of murdering his friend and abducting the friend’s girlfriend.

The victim’s mother suspects her son was deliberately singled out after depositing a substantial check. Cory James made an appearance in the probable cause court on Thursday morning, where a judge set his bond at $225,000.

James is now facing charges of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping based on the events of this past weekend, according to investigators.

Tragically, Kwana Bunkley, aged 20, lost his life on Saturday in the 17100 block of Cali Drive.

His mother suspects that a video he posted on social media, showing him cashing a $7,000 settlement check from a previous accident, may have made him a target.

The victim’s girlfriend was reportedly briefly kidnapped during the shooting incident. During the court proceedings on Thursday, it was revealed that the alleged incident occurred when Bunkley and his girlfriend offered James a ride.

According to officials, ‘Ms. McNulty and Mr. Bunkley gave a ride to the defendant in this case, and the defendant, during the ride that was given here in Harris County, wanted money, demanded money from Ms. McNulty and the victim who was shot.

He took things from them and then he shot the victim.’ James was apprehended by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Violent Crime Apprehension Team on Wednesday.

If he is able to post bond, he will be placed under house arrest.