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Suspect Dimitri Humphrey killed in a shootout at Riverside Park

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said investigators had been tracking Dimitri Humphery since Sept. 9 when he shot and killed Shantavia Reddick and her dog.



A man suspected of being responsible for the death of a teacher and her canine companion earlier this month was fatally shot by law enforcement personnel in a southeast Houston park this Wednesday, as reported by authorities.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated that investigators had been monitoring 28-year-old Dimitri Humphrey since September 9, when he allegedly took the life of 26-year-old Shantavia Reddick and her dog.

This tragic incident occurred during a domestic altercation on the highest level of a parking facility located on East Mossy Oaks, close to the North Freeway and the Grand Parkway.

According to Gonzalez, on Wednesday, investigators from HCSO and the Texas Department of Public Safety located Humphrey at Riverside Park on Calumet Street, situated to the east of 288.

He mentioned that they were pursuing leads when Humphrey arrived at the Third Ward vicinity park at approximately 1 p.m. It was discovered that Humphrey had affiliations with a local resident.

The investigators observed Humphrey disembarking from his vehicle and strolling through the park before taking a seat on a slide.

Two state troopers and three HCSO deputies devised a plan to apprehend him. However, as they approached, he fled, sprinting through the park.

While in motion, he produced a firearm and discharged shots at the pursuing officers, according to authorities.

At this point, all five officers returned fire, striking Humphrey. He fled to the side of a nearby house, where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Officials reported discovering a semi-automatic pistol beside his body. Although there is a strong belief that the individual shot and killed was indeed Humphrey, the official confirmation will be determined by the medical examiner.