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Deonte Moore shot and killed at north Harris County apartment

The sheriff says there were three young children in the apartment at the time of the shooting, but they were not injured.



In a tragic incident on Saturday morning, a man lost his life, and a woman was rushed to the hospital following a shooting at a north Harris County apartment.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies from both the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office and HCSO were summoned to an apartment complex situated in the 21500 block of Spring Plaza Drive.

It was during a dispute between two men that the situation escalated, leading to an exchange of gunfire involving pistols.

The apartment housed two couples and had multiple occupants at the time of the incident.

A woman was promptly taken to the hospital and underwent surgery.

Additionally, three toddlers/infants were present in the apartment but thankfully remained unharmed.

Authorities are actively conducting an investigation, though further specifics about the case have not been disclosed.