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Watch: Larry Sinclair claims he had sex with Barack Obama in 1999



Tucker Carlson has alleged that Barack Obama smoked crack cocaine and had sex with men, but these claims were not reported by the media ahead of the 2008 presidential election.

Carlson repeated the accusations of Larry Sinclair, who claimed that he had sex with Obama in 1999 after they smoked crack together.

Sinclair’s allegations were widely condemned as a political smear campaign.

However, Carlson asserted on Wednesday that there was a distinct indication of a same-sex relationship involving Obama.

He contended that the media refrained from covering the story due to alleged threats from the Obama campaign team, which could have resulted in restricted access to the Democratic candidate.

Speaking on the widely followed Adam Carolla Show, the 54-year-old Carlson stated, ‘In 2008, it became increasingly evident that Barack Obama had engaged in intimate relationships with men and had used crack cocaine.’

Larry Sinclair said, “You’re just a guy who’s in town for the night and it sounds like you’re looking to party. Yeah. Pulled up in a bar outside and there’s this guy that’s introduced to me as Barack Obama. I had given Barack $250 to pay for coke. I start putting a line on a CD tray to snort and next thing I know he’s got a little pipe and he’s smoking. So I just started rubbing my hand along his thigh to see where it was going and it went the direction I had intended it to go. Even though you had sex with him twice, you did cocaine with him.

Here is the teaser.

Watched him smoke crack twice, you had no idea who he was. I had no idea who he was. You just asked the obvious question. What was Obama like on crack? Is it your sense that that’s who Obama is? Just transactional or that he’s bisexual or like what is this? It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time and I would almost be willing to bet you it wasn’t as long. The guy’s running for president and credible information comes out that he’s smoking crack and having sex with dudes. That seems like a story. Well it would be a story if the media really cared about telling people the truth.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.