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Snead State Community College on lockdown due to shots fired nearby

In response to the report, Marshall Medical Center -South also placed its campus on lockdown.



Authorities in Boaz are currently seeking a suspect who triggered a lockdown at Snead State Community College on Thursday evening.

Boaz Police Chief Michael Abercrombie explained that a resident residing close to Snead State noticed an intruder on their premises and fired cautionary shots into the ground.

These shots led to a lockdown being initiated at Snead State.

As part of the lockdown procedure, parents and students received text and email notifications urging them to stay indoors and refrain from approaching windows.

Additional authorities have indicated that activities at the Boaz Rec Center were promptly halted, and parents are in the process of clearing out the ballfields.

There are also reports on social media suggesting that students who were operating the concession stand have been placed in lockdown as a preventive measure.

Some posts mention hearing a sequence of three rapid gunshots.

Abercrombie mentioned that a substantial number of officers are actively scouring the city on foot to locate the intruder.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.