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Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Fatally Shot in Ambush After Suspect Becomes Upset Over Pizza Order

Authorities believe they have identified the suspect and are confident in apprehending them soon.



UPDATE: Ed Gonzalez issued the following statement:

“We mourn the loss of Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Fernando Esqueda (28), who tragically passed away after being shot while protecting our community.

Fernando Esqueda

Deputy Esqueda was a five-year Harris County Sheriff’s Office veteran and served our community in the HCSO Violent Person Task Force. He was dedicated to protecting and serving the residents of Harris County.

We pray with Deputy Esqueda’s family, friends, and colleagues during this incredibly difficult time. His commitment to duty and his sacrifice will always be remembered.”

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has announced a search for the suspect who ambushed and killed a deputy in northeast Harris County.

The 28-year-old deputy, a five-year veteran with the sheriff’s office, was part of a task force targeting violent criminals including child rapists and homicide suspects. The identity of the deceased officer is being withheld for now.

Sheriff Gonzalez offered his condolences: “Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of the fallen deputy during this incredibly difficult time. An intense investigation is underway to find and arrest his killer. We won’t stop until justice is served!”

The incident occurred near Tidwell and Beltway 8 on Italian Cypress Trail.

According to the Sheriff, it began shortly after 10 pm on Wednesday when deputies responded to a report of aggravated assault at a Little Caesars Pizza on Wallisville Road.

Upon receiving the call, deputies were joined by investigators who were already on a 12-hour shift assisting with post-storm patrols.

According to Sheriff Gonzalez, the incident stemmed from a customer’s anger over an incorrect order at a Little Caesars Pizza on Wallisville Road.

The customer allegedly assaulted an employee with a pistol before fleeing the scene.

Fortunately, the employee managed to identify the suspect’s vehicle, including its make, model, and license plate. This information was then broadcast, prompting all available detectives to search for the vehicle.

Sheriff Gonzalez detailed the sequence of events: A detective ran the license plate through the “FLOCK” camera system, which revealed previous sightings of the suspect vehicle in a specific location. Deputies investigated the area but came up empty-handed.

After this dead end, the detectives dispersed. However, one deputy, determined to continue the search, returned to the initial location based on intuition. It was there, while reporting the recovered vehicle but with the suspect still missing, that the deputy was ambushed.

Following the ambush, other detectives arrived to find the deputy’s undercover vehicle riddled with bullets.

The deputy, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds, was transported to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

SWAT teams have been deployed to two locations.

Authorities believe they have identified the suspect and are confident in apprehending them soon.

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