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58-year-old Mark Adams Prieto indicted in plot to shoot African Americans at concert in Atlanta’s State Farm Arena

The plan targeted a concert in May with the intention of harming African Americans and other minorities.



A federal indictment has revealed a plot to target a concert at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena.

Authorities allege that 58-year-old Mark Adams Prieto of Prescott, Arizona, planned a racially motivated attack.

The indictment, filed on Tuesday, accuses Prieto of firearms trafficking, supplying a firearm for a hate crime, and possessing an unregistered firearm.

According to court documents, between January and May 2024, Prieto discussed the attack with undercover FBI agents posing as potential accomplices.

The plan targeted a concert in May with the intention of harming African Americans and other minorities.

Follow this closely because they’ve moved quickly to obscure information. Mark Adams Prieto was allegedly planning to kill African-Americans leading up to the election in a swing state

According to his directory page, which is actually in Florida, not Arizona, contrary to media reports (3rd and 4th screenshots). Since we know how to navigate directories and access back-end information, we noticed they’ve removed his relatives and any links to them, listing only his neighbors and associates. We’ll now query his family name on WikiLeaks (5th screenshot), where there is a massive amount of data on this family.

While the specific concert remains unidentified, the indictment’s timeframe coincides with two performances by popular singer Bad Bunny at the Atlanta venue. Authorities initiated their investigation after learning of Prieto’s intentions.

According to reports, Prieto, a vendor at gun shows in his hometown, expressed a desire to “incite a race war” before the 2024 election.

He allegedly conducted private firearm sales to avoid scrutiny from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). In January, conversations with an undercover source and FBI agent revealed Prieto’s plan to target a rap concert in Atlanta, specifically chosen due to the city’s large Black population.

The indictment alleges Prieto specifically targeted a rap concert due to the expected “high concentration of African Americans” there. He reportedly planned to leave Confederate flags as a symbol of hate after the attack and shout racist slogans.

Following repeated discussions about the assault, Prieto allegedly sold rifles on multiple occasions to one of the undercover agents.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.