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Suspects in custody after reports of shooting near Apex Virginia Beach

Police ask public to please stay out of the area.



Update: No injuries have been reported, and the suspects have been apprehended. The incident occurred in a parking garage, according to police. This remains an ongoing situation, and further details are currently unavailable.

Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach shared a message on their Facebook page, “We will be closed for the rest of the day, Saturday 2/24. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you had a reservation for tonight and need further assistance, please send an email to

A number of different law enforcement organizations are reacting to reports of shooting incident near Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach.

Police officers are currently at the scene conducting an investigation.

The police department has instructed people to shelter in place.

There are 15-20 police cars, and everyone was evacuated while still wearing their jumping harnesses.

A witness reported seeing several police cars pass by while driving near the Cheesecake Factory a few minutes ago.

Another individual, who is currently at the scene, reported, “My girlfriend and I are at Apex in Virginia Beach Town Center. When we attempted to leave, we were halted at the door and informed that there is an active shooter nearby.”

As at the time of this report, there has been neither confirmation nor identification of any victims.

No suspects have been identified, and there has been no information immediately released regarding any arrests.

Police ask public to please stay out of the area.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.