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In response to sizable gatherings of individuals resorting to rioting and widespread looting, the Philadelphia Police have initiated a citywide rapid response.

Numerous stores, including an Apple Store, have been breached.

This surge in unrest follows the recent decision to drop charges against a police officer connected to last month’s traffic stop shooting.

Authorities are cautioning individuals to steer clear of the city center in Philadelphia.

Following the dismissal of charges against the officer involved in Eddie Irizarry’s shooting, a peaceful protest was held today.

Police Commissioner John Stanford clarified that the looting incidents are unrelated to the peaceful demonstration earlier.

He also reported that the police have made 15-20 arrests this evening and recovered two firearms, though it’s uncertain if they are linked to the looting.

While over 100 juveniles and young adults were involved, the extent of the impact on businesses remains unclear at this moment.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.